Mouse Photos

This page will be where I put all the pics that don't fit on the daily pages. I'll keep adding to this page each day with extra pics, so be sure to check back often! If you would like to use one of these pictures for anything, please email me to get permission first. If you use these pictures, I expect to receive credit, and a link back to this page.

Pinkie Closeup Day One
Lumpy Tuesday the night before the birth

Eating for enough for everyone!!

Pinkie on day one with a belly full of milk
Size Comparison Day 2

A few pinkies on day 2
Size comparison on day 3

Obvious color markings on day 4
Pinkies close up on day 3 (notice the color pigment on the skin?)

Size comparison day 4
Tuesday's clone on day 4-looks just like mom!!

One big happy family on day 4

Whole litter on day 5

Sweet faces on day 5

Baby on day 5

Babies day 6
Pile of babies on day 6

Playing dead on day 7
Spread Eagle on day Seven

Smiling for the camera on day 8

Day 8 pile of babies

Tuesday washing babies on day 8